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Vklal Vishnu Phase I
Ekta Nagar, Dahisar, mumbai
MAHARERA : P51800011626
Carpet Area
70 LACS*
*Price is inclusive of all tax
Last updated on: Jul 4, 2019
About Vklal Vishnu Phase I
Vklal Vishnu Phase I is a first-class residential project located in the heart of Dahisar. Our goal is to provide every purchaser of a1 BHK flat in Dahisar with a perfect home. This top-quality 22-storey residential tower strikes a balance between affordability and luxury. Made from the highest quality construction, Vklal Vishnu Phase I complies with all important fire safety measures. We endeavor to provide a dream 1BHK flat in Dahisar with limitless possibilities. This beautiful residential tower offers home buyers the best value 1 BHK flat in Dahisar. We can offer our residents help with furnishing their apartments as we maintain a full-time staff of interior designers who are dedicated to make your dream home a reality.
Discover an exclusive life at a futuristic destination
You are the chosen one, because you belong to a home, called Vklal Vishnu Phase I. Welcome to a heaven, where life is all about celebrating moments. Welcome to Vklal Vishnu Phase I.
Spend your family time together
Privacy and family living go hand-in-hand with large spacious homes that gives every member their own space while also making sure you can all spend time together.
The pleasure of invisible care
Quality is an compromised aspect as the others in Vklal Vishnu Phase I. A healthy mind only dwells in a healthy body just a healthy family only dwells in a healthily strong home. Everything that went into making a Vklal Vishnu Phase I home was the best of its kind.
Strategically constructed
The Apartments in Vklal Vishnu Phase I are strategically constructed keeping in mind the best of architecture both from inside as well as outside.
Design oriented architecture
Vklal Vishnu Phase I is an example of design oriented architecture. Where design not only becomes a part of everyday living but also enriches it. That is why every elevation, bend, shape, innovation, each and every square foot has come together in perfect harmony.
An address par excellence
Vklal Vishnu Phase I is easily accessible from every nook and corner of the city. This thoughtfully planned project is in close proximity to all the key landmark areas of the city. The very best in education, health and recreational facilities are just at calling distance.
Perfection is second nature
Vklal Vishnu Phase I perfects perfection. It is a shining example of what can be achieved when technology and talent meet. A rare amalgamation of cutting-edge engineering, state-of-the-art architecture and skilled craftsmanship, it gives you everything you need for life in the fast lane.
Not just an address, it's a prestigious landmark
Vklal Vishnu Phase I, with its prime location is bound to earn supreme esteem and become one of the most prominent addresses you would want to live in at. Not only the architecture, but also the address leaves a lasting impression.
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CCTV Surveillance
Earthquake resistant structure
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Veekaylal Investment Company is a prominent name in the Real Estate and Property Development domain of India. This group has the vision to develop India's infrastructure industry. The plans of the architects and engineers of this group show that they have a futuristic view which will allow them to design homes which will be commonly found in future. The professionals of Veekaylal Investment Company are committed to their work and have proper work ethics. They are an expert in the field and are skilled, competent and determined to reinvent Indian infrastructure. The praise of the customers and clients is the best reward for the hard work put in by this group.
About Dahisar
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Dahisar is located in North Mumbai and is bound by the scenic hills of National Park on the eastern side and the inlet of Manori creek and saltpans on the western side.
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